Day 141 ~ Tom’s Thumb Scottsdale, AZ

August 13th, 2016 ~ Day 141


A beautiful morning on the trail. The sun was rising and instead of coming up over the McDowell Mountains like I usually see, I got the opportunity to see the sun rise over Four Peaks. Which only makes me want to continue hiking in that direction.


Today was another Meetup, this time with 3H. We had a huge group of 30 people. Some friends and some people I’ve hiked with once or twice before.

It was a cool 81 degrees when I pulled up to the trailhead and there was a nice cool breeze.

The trail is about four miles long and immediately starts uphill. It was hard and difficult. I had to take many breaks and as the sun started rising it only got warmer. Luckily, the trail was partially in the shade.


I made it to the top! A great feeling. I’ve hiked this before, but it’s been a couple years. I forgot how difficult this hike could be. Going down was even worse. My knees were on fire.


The best part of this hike is the amazing views! You can see the Four Peaks, Pinnacle Peak and even Camelback Mountain. If you’re ever driving down the 101 through Scottsdale, you can see Tom’s Thumb from the highway.

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