Day 136 ~ North Mountain Phoenix, AZ

August 8th, 2016 ~ Day 136


Caught an amazing sunrise this morning! Heading to the trail I didn’t think I’d make it In time to get any pictures. Bright and cheery with so many colors. I love our Arizona painted skies!


I headed out this morning with intentions to do Shaw Butte and decided I had enough time, so I was heading to park at the North Mountain Visitor Center. When I arrived I saw Irina there with a few other people. It was a Meetup for 3H.

I saw it on the site this morning, but didn’t want to only do North Mountain with a mile and a half. I wanted more mileage, so I didn’t sign up. Since they were at the Visitor Center, I knew there’d be more than the mile and a half, so I asked if I could tag along.

It was a quick fast paced hike. We did an average of 18 minute miles. Which made it a killer climbing uphill, but I made it!


On our way out we saw some sort of hawk in the tree. I’m not sure I’ve even been this close to one before. I was able to get a picture before he flew away.

I love running into people on the trails. So much more fun that hiking alone!

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