Day 133 ~ Deem Hills Phoenix, AZ

August 5th, 2016 ~ Day 133


The sky was beautiful as I pulled up to the trailhead this morning. So many clouds in the sky and sun reflecting off those clouds. Had I arrived a little earlier, I may have been able to catch the beautiful painted skies of Arizona with the reds and oranges. Still, I was lucky enough to see a few colors from the sun shining off the clouds.

I decided to do half of the circumference trail, about a three mile loop. An easy trek with very little uphill. Still trying to claim that 1500 mile goal one step at a time. I’ll get as many miles in as time allows. If only I could get out of bed earlier!


As I started hiking, I could see the downpour to the west and there was a rainbow. It’s so barely visible in this picture, but it’s there, God’s promise. The smell of rain was in the air and I felt a few drops.


As I came around the corner the sun was trying to peak through the clouds, bright and beautiful. More beautiful views. It was an overcast sky without the threat of rain and no more sprinkles. I could feel the humidity in the air, thick and muggy. It was 87 degrees when I began the hike.


In my second mile, coming up to the saddle, there was a dark ominous cloud hanging overhead. It looked like the rain was on it’s way. Shortly after, came the boom of thunder. Thunder scares me. Where there’s thunder, there’s lightening. The last place I’d ever want to be is on a mountain in the middle of a lightening storm, unprotected.

Thunderbird Mountain


As I continued on around the bend, I saw the rain. I was still in the sun, but Thunderbird Mountain was receiving a down pour. I’m so glad I didn’t chose one of those trails today, like I almost did. The sun to the east and rain in the south west a wonderful thing, I was still dry.


It didn’t last long, soon I was soaked. It was a light gentle rain, but enough to get me drenched, and I had to hike at least a half mile in the rain. The smell of rain was more noticeable at this point. It’s something about the dirt or the creosote bush that just smells so amazing. Love the smell of Arizona rains!

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