Day 132 ~ Phoenix Mountain Preserve Phoenix, AZ

August 4th, 2016 ~ Day 132


What a beautiful morning! Getting to the trailhead while it was still dark and seeing the bright oranges of the sun peaking through the clouds. So amazingly beautiful. It may have been the clouds that may have made it seems so dark.


It only got better as we started hiking. You could see the rain pouring  down off in the distance. Hoping it could possibly rain on us, but if course, not a drop. We had some amazing views of the sunrise,  or what we could see of it through the clouds.


Today was another awesome Meetup with Trail Mix and our great leader Rene. Love this early morning group we’ve started. Today there were twelve of us, a lot people wanting to beat the heat!

We met at 32nd Street and Shea. There’s a small four car parking area, so basically you just have to park along the street, because the parking spots were taken. We started at the 32nd Street park entrance and hiked toward the 100 trail, then to the 1A trail, then to the 304 trail, then returned on 8 trail to the 100 trail back to 32nd street.  Wow, lots of trails!

It was one big loop! We hiked four miles, with little up and down and kept a good pace. The hike lasted about an hour and a half. A great workout.





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