Day 129 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

August 1st, 2016 ~ Day 129

Not sure if the foggy look over the mountains is smog or dust in the air. We had high winds the night before and this is the desert, nothing but dirt and sand. Either way I’m sure it’s not healthy to breath it in.

I hiked with Eric again today. Thunderbird is easy for both of us to get to. We did the northeast mountain today. It was Eric’s first time on this side. I haven’t been to this trail in a couple months. It looked a little different.

Maybe it’s because of the heat and most of the plants have dried up, but it seemed there were a lot more rocks. Again it’s been awhile since I was here, so maybe it’s just me.

It felt cooler this morning with a nice breeze. The humidity was high, but not suffocating. A nice two and a half miles. Another great start to a beautiful day! Love this life!

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