Day 127 ~ Lost Dog Wash Trail Scottsdale, AZ

July 30th, 2016 ~ Day 127


We had a huge Meetup group this morning! Lots of people showed up today, it was awesome! Some friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Love the Meetups.


We started hiking about ten minutes before the actual sunrise. The trail was completely in the shade and the sun was covered by the mountain, so I didn’t catch the official sunrise. With the clouds from last night’s storm still lingering in the sky, I was able to catch a few good pictures.


Once we arrived at the saddle where the hitching post was, we took a break before heading back. The views of the Four Peaks was spectacular. Someday I’ll hike the rest of those, for now one out of four isn’t bad.


It was a cooler day out for sure, but the humidity was high. Our hike was a steep incline uphill, so anytime we stopped to wait for the rest of our group, the sweat would pour. I registered 5.2 miles on my app. Which puts me on track and a little closer to my 1500 mile goal. One day at a time ☺

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