Day 121 ~ Starved Rock State Park Oglesby, IL

July 24th, 2016 ~ Day 121

I’m officially 1/3 of the way through this challenge! I can’t believe I’ve completed 121 days of hiking! I can’t wait to see where my adventures will take me the next 242 days.


Today we drove a couple hours away to Starved Rock State Park in southern Illinois. A beautiful hike next to the Illinois River. We climbed to the top of Starved Rock where we saw breathtaking views of the river.


My sweet little granddaughter, my daughter and son-in-law hiked with me. The baby wore her new hiking boots I brought for her from Arizona. I’m going to get this little one to love hiking as much as I do.


It was still hot and humid. The shade didn’t help. We hiked to a waterfall and it was amazingly beautiful! From there we turned to go back to the car.

We hiked a little over two miles. The humidity here is so obnoxious. I’m surprised we even got that far. There’s over 11 miles of hiking trails in this park. One day, maybe I’ll get the opportunity to do them all.

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