Day 120 ~ Des Plaines River Trail Wadsworth, IL

July 23rd, 2016 ~ Day 120

My favorite tree!

I went to the Des Plaines River Trail and parked at the canoe launch on Wadsworth Road. The trail began in the woods, which was great for shade. It was hot and humid, but not as bad as yesterday. There was a lot of cloud cover which helped with shade. It actually looked like it might rain.

The trail was next to the river, but there was so much vegetation you couldn’t see it. I found a side path where I could walk to the river itself and saw a crane standing in the water.

So many beautiful flowers here. After the forest it became what looked like could be the prairie. The plants were so tall I couldn’t tell.


I crossed a bridge where you could really see the water. It was green and mucky. The water level seemed really low. Not too pretty, but one day I’ll kayak this river, even if it is dirty.


I found a pond with lots of lily pads. I scared a mother duck and her babies when I came to the side of the pond.

Besides the humidity, it was beautiful out. So much green! I wonder why I never thought to enjoy this area when I lived here. Thirty years, and I never once set foot on this ground. It just makes me grateful for where I am today. Grateful for the opportunity to explore now. It’s never to late to do something. Trying to live as much as possible and see all that I can see.

As I came to the end of my trail, I realized it wasn’t the loop I thought it was and ended up walking down Wadsworth Road. I did a little over two miles, which is enough in this heat.

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