Day 118 ~ North Mountain Phoenix, AZ

July 21st, 2016 ~ Day 118


Another awesome Meetup! We had a full moon this morning. I didn’t even realize there was a full moon recently, it’s been so cloudy out lately. Then of course we were able to see the sun rise over the mountains. It was a beautiful morning!


We started at the trailhead off Peoria. We had a group of 9, but there were only three of us that showed up, so we started a little late waiting on the others. The initial climb is really difficult until you come to the paved road, then it’s a little easier.

This hike is a great workout. It’s only a mile and a half, but it makes you sweat. As soon as we made it to the top and turned around, we ran into another member of our group. Apparently there was a mix-up in the meet up location and that was why no one else had shown up. We ran into one more on our way down, but the others had left.

Today we were treated to lots of wildlife. Bees, a dead scorpion (which I’ve never seen  before), and a couple squirrels and chipmunks. This was actually the first place I had ever seen a squirrel in Arizona about five years ago. I never knew they lived here.

Beautiful views from the mountain. I just love Arizona! You’re in the middle of a city surrounded by mountains!

Side note: Rene shared this song with me today and I just had to share! Hilarious!

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