Day 116 ~ Enchanted Forest Skyline Phoenix, AZ

July 1oth, 2016 ~ Day 116

I guess I didn’t realize it was picture time ☺

Today was another awesome Meetup! I love our leaders, they always do a great job leading us in new directions. We had a big group this morning. Very awesome!

The Enchanted Forest

Parking at the North Mountain Visitor Center, starting out on Trail 100 we headed through the tunnel under Seventh Street. Shortly after the tunnel you enter the enchanted forest. It’s a small area of mesquite trees. I have no idea who named it, but it’s rare to find tree coverage in Phoenix, I’m thinking that may have something to do with the name.


We were able to see a little bit of the beautiful sunrise coming up over the peak. The sun had already begun to rise when I had parked the car, but it’s great to see views like this.


Hiking along the skyline to watch the sunrise we headed east. Our leader Rene would stop at intersections to give us a brief history of the area. Did you know, there was at one time a Cactus, Arizona? I didn’t and it’s no longer here.

We ended up with just over 4 miles. A great workout! It was warm and became warmer as the sun was rising, but it wasn’t as humid as yesterday.

It was a beautiful day! So great to explore more trails I have and haven’t been on. There’s just so much to see, I hope to one day to have seen it all.

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