Day 113 ~ Watson Lake Prescott, AZ

July 16th, 2016 ~ Day 113


Watson Lake is located in Prescott, Arizona. It’s a beautiful lake, one of my favorites, and our plan was to hike the trail around the lake. Eric and I took the kids up there for the day,where we met my cousin Greg, who lives there.

We didn’t get started until around noon. It was warm, about 90 degrees, but it’s a different kind of heat from Phoenix. It was only really hot when the sun was shining in you.


As we started out, we were next to the highway, but soon we were isolated. At first the trail is well groomed. It looked like a back country road. Part of the trail may have been a road at one time. We saw squirrels and of course lizards. There were cows in the field too. The kids were enjoying themselves.


Soon we were climbing over rocks. Part of the beauty of Watson Lake are the boulders surrounding the water. Following the white dots, we made our way through.

It was easy for me, but the kids had a little bit of trouble. My son fell a couple times. Both kids were getting exhausted. It was a beautiful place. I’ve never been on this side of the lake. It was an amazing place to get the chance to explore.

Overall, the kids did really well. Hiking 4.5 miles is a lot for them. Not too much crying and whining. I think may have been a little too much for them. I’m really proud of my babies.

After the hike we had a picnic lunch, then took the kayaks out on the water. It was a beautiful day! I can wait until our next adventure.




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