Day 111 ~ Dreamy Draw to the Stoney Mountains Phoenix, AZ

July 14th, 2016 ~ Day 111


Today was another awesome Meetup! Four amazing women in this group. Starting  out at the Dreamy Draw parking area, we headed out on Trail 100. We went under highway 51 to get to the other side of the preserve, where the Stoney Mountains lie. I’ve never been in this area. Last weekend when Eric and I were hiking, I wondered how you could get across the other side of the highway. Now I know, there’s a tunnel.


We were blessed to come around the other side of the mountain and see a beautiful sunrise over the McDowell Mountains. Love our Arizona sunrises!

We hiked on Trail 100 for about a mile and a half till we came to a side peak. Hanging out and taking pictures, we saw two coyotes on the trail we were just on. We waited for them to go on before heading back.


Today’s hike was a little over three miles. It was hot and humid. 90 degrees when the hike began. We did an in and out rather than the loop,that I believe was initially intended. It’s nice to just roam the area and get familiar while having a leader to guide me.

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