Day 109 ~ Dixie Mountain Loop Phoenix, AZ

July 12th, 2015 ~ Day 109


I did it! I completed the Dixie Mountain Loop today. 4.7 miles in about an hour and a half. I had to finish it since I wasn’t able to complete the trail last week. Giving myself enough time, allowed me to finish.

Heading up the Hawks Nest Trail, I headed east this time. There was a cool breeze as I headed up the hill. I know I’ve been on this trail before, but I just don’t remember seeing all I’ve seen today. I stayed in the shade for most of my hike. The desert was beautiful with the mountains along the horizon.


There was a hot air balloon close enough you could  actually see it in the picture. Usually they are barely visible. It followed me all the way around the mountain and came to the peak of the Western Vista Trail. Which happened to be the trail I climbed up last week.

It was a great hike. Still 80 degrees out. Starting earlier than normal, so it wasn’t too hot. I’m sure the shade helped. Can’t wait till tomorrow!



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