Day 107~Sunrise Mountain Loop Peoria, AZ

July 10th, 2016 ~ Day 107


Eric picked me up this morning and we headed to the mountain. I’ve been to Sunrise Mountain with Lori before. This was one of our weekend hikes. Today was Eric’s first time.

We started a little earlier than yesterday, but it was still hot out. We took the less difficult side up and around the mountain, thinking there would be shade on our way back. When we came around to the crossroads, we decided to go the direction of what looked like it would take us back. Instead it looked like the trail went on for awhile and there wold be no shade. So we turned around and headed back on the difficult trail.

It wasn’t too bad, we just had to do a little more climbing. The trails here were nice. A little gravely, but not too rocky. We ended up with just under three miles. A great way to start the day!

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