Day 102 ~ Scarlet Canyon Phoenix, AZ

July 5th, 2016 ~ Day 102


I found Scarlet Canyon on the Alltrails app. I have never been here, let alone even heard of it. I followed the GPS to the trailhead. It was a small parking area. I wasn’t even sure if I could park here. There were no parking signs all around. There were no signs labeling the trail. It looked like there should have been a map, but it was missing.

I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. There was no real designated trail or any trail markers. The desert made it difficult to actually tell where I was going. I tried following my map on my phone and ended up off trail many times. My original intent was to do the circumference trail, which should have given me three miles.

As I came to the west side of the mountain, I noticed a trail to one of the peaks. Instead of going around the rest of the mountain, I decided to go up. I’m glad I did to see the amazing views. According to my map, it looked like it was a through trail, but I couldn’t find it, so turning around I headed back down the east side of the mountain. Heading downhill I got lost again and had to turn around a couple times. The trail was very narrow and apparently not well traveled. I only saw two people during my hike.

This was definitely an exploratory hike. I ended up with just under two miles. I’m glad I went to say I’ve been there, but I wouldn’t consider it a favorite of mine. I can’t say I won’t come back. I just didn’t like the feeling of being so alone and getting lost. Even if you could see and hear the highway and the airplanes flying overhead.

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