Day 101 ~ Apache Wash Trailhead Phoenix, Az

July 4th, 2016 ~Day 101


Starting out at the Apache Wash Trailhead, Eric and I started out on the Sidewinder Trail. (This is another part of the trail we started last weekend, from Cave Creek Road).


Even though I’ve been here before, I wasn’t quite sure which way to go to try and keep our mileage around three miles. So once we came to the Apache Wash Trail, we decided to head east. According to the map I was looking at, it looked like there was a short cut through the wash.


The wash was really rocky. It’s full of river rock and sand. It made for a more difficult hike, rather than the ease of the trail. It’s pretty much a dried up river. Nothing like the lake full of water we saw yesterday. Today we were in the absolute desert. Nothing around us. It really felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.

It got warmer as the morning went on. Three miles is plenty when hiking in this heat. We ended up slightly over the three miles. Still, I’m accomplishing my goal even in the heat of a Phoenix summer.

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