Day 98 ~ Dixie Mountain Loop Phoenix, AZ

July 1st, 2016 ~ Day 98


Six o’clock in the morning, I headed to the Desert Vista Trail head today with the intention of doing the Dixie Mountain Loop. I looked at the map and counted the mile markers and thought it would be easy to accomplish. So I headed up the mountain.

When I got to the actual Dixie Mountain Loop I chose to go left. I’ve been here before, but it was from the opposite direction. Following my map, it was easy not to get lost. As I was hiking, I decided to look up exactly how long the trail was. Uh Oh, the loop is 4.7 miles and I have to be at work at 8:30. So I decided I would hike a mile and a half and turn around.


I found an abandoned car in the wash. I’ve seen this before. I wonder what the story was behind it and why the city chose to leave it. Something interesting you don’t get to run into everyday. The trail was quiet. I only ran into a few people. I was basically alone in the middle of the desert with a city on the other side of the hill. I love it! I love being outside. So many places to see, if only you take a hike.

When I made it to my mile and a half, I was at a junction where you could do a small uphill to the top of a mountain. It is the Western Vista Trail. It didn’t didn’t look too long or challenging, as it actually was. It was only .34 of a mile, but the uphill was straight up! I was dying by the time I reached the top. Lots of bugs flying around too. But the view, made it all worth it!

I headed back to the trail head, trying to pick up the pace. I was running out of time. I ended up with almost four miles. I’ll be back here next week to do the entire loop. I am not one to not complete a trail. If I haven’t done all the way, I will come back until I do!

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