Day 79 ~ Humphreys Peak Flagstaff, AZ

June 12th, 2016 ~ Day 79


What an amazing day! Trying to get some elevation in order to do Mt. Whitney Saturday, Eric and I joined a Meetup to do Humphreys.


We didn’t really get the chance to stay with the group. We took our time going up the hill, for that I am grateful he came with me. I’d hate to have climbed this alone.

We took breaks often, especially the higher we got. Trying to get acclimated to the higher elevation. When we stopped walking, we felt good, but the higher we got the harder it was to breath.

Along the way we ran into another hiking buddy, Lori and another old friend Tasha. I haven’t seen Tasha in years! It is so awesome to cross paths with people you haven’t seen in awhile. I guess when you have the same passion you’re bound to run into people on the trails.

We made it to the summit in about three and a half hours. There we kicked back to hide from the wind. We had some snacks and just relaxed. Our breathing was great!


Eric wasn’t going to the top and I decided not to push myself. It was cold and extremely windy and I still have to hike the next day. With Whitney coming up, I will either make it or not, whatever happens, happens. I thought if I exhaust myself today I may not be strong enough for Saturday.

Heading back down was a little slippery with the loose rock. Our breathing was definitely easier. We ran into a guy who got altitude sickness. He wasn’t doing too good and wouldn’t take any help. Makes me grateful we chose to go slow.

I’ve grown to learn, this isn’t a race. I choose to enjoy the beauty around me and take my time. I used to try to go as fast as I can and keep up with the groups, or pass them in some cases, but this journey has allowed be to see beauty where I have never seen. Taking my time to enjoy the trails along the way, not just at the top.

Overall we did about eight miles in less than six hours. Not too bad. It was a great hike! I can’t wait for the next one!


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