Day 78 ~ Chapel Trail/Cathedral Rock Trail/Boynton Canyon Trail Sedona, AZ

June 11th, 2016 ~ Day 78

Chapel Trail

Eric and I took a trip to Sedona. First stop was Chapel on the Hill. A beautiful Catholic church up on the hill. We checked out the chapel, which was of course beautiful.

Off to the side, down the hill a little ways is a trail. We decided to check out the trail. We did a short hike, a little over half a mile. Having never been here, we decided not to go too far, and the parking attendant wanted us to move our car anyway.

The beauty of Sedona with its natural red rocks is amazing. To see all the different shaped rocks forming in the sky makes me awe struck as to how they became. I’ve never been here, so it was pretty awesome to see another side of Sedona.

Cathedral Rock Trail

Second stop, Cathedral Rock. This is a mile hike up to two spires, where one of Sedona’s Vortex’s lie. I didn’t realize that until after we left though.

The trail to the spires is pretty much straight up. It got a little warm as we were climbing. Sedona is cooler than Phoenix, but the sun was shining directly on us.

It got a little tricky climbing as we neared the top, so we decided not to go all the way up. What we were able to see as we turned around, was a beautiful scenery surrounding us. More of the beautiful red rocks all around. White fluffy clouds against a blue sky. Just absolutely amazing. Again, another part of Sedona I had yet to see.


Boynton Canyon Trail

Last stop for the day was a mile hike to another of Sedona’s Vortex. This one I have been to before. What I felt the last time I came here is what brought me back this time.

Eric and I made our way through the trail. An easy trail where we were able to see the manzanita trees. Love them! Heading to the Vista Trail brings you to the Vortex. We found a semi shaded spot and reclined on the rocks to meditate. So simple, so peaceful and so healing.

I don’t know how long we stayed there on those rocks looking off at the clouds. It was a great way to end our day of hiking.

When we returned to the trailhead there was a gentlemen there who gave us each a rock in the shape of a heart. He said this rock would bring with us all that we felt up there in the canyon. ❤

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