Day 77 ~ North Mountain Phoenix, AZ

June 10th, 2016 ~ Day 77

What a day! Today was the hardest. I woke up early to go hiking, but knowing the work load I had today, I decided I would work from home to get a head start and skip the hike. I figured I would have time in the evening.

So after work I picked up the kids and dropped them off at friends and family for the weekend. The drive was 40 minutes and we were running late. I didn’t get to my intended trail until 8pm. Guess what? The gates were locked, as most trails close at sunset.

I decided to go to the North Mountain Visitor Center. Talking with Eric, he said I could park in the parking lot next to the trails. When I got there the lot was empty. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my car there, so I drove south thinking the North Mountain Lot off 7th Street may be open, and it was.

I parked and started hiking. I was scared. It was dark and I was a woman alone. I kept Eric on the phone with me. I just needed to get my feet on the trail to continue this journey, however short it may be in didn’t want to lose all I had worked for.

My view of the mountains were massive in the dark. I was able to snap one, not very good, picture. I would love to do this again, but not alone. Maybe bring a better camera. It’s amazing how different things look from daylight compared to the dark.


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