Day 69 ~ Deem Hills Phoenix, AZ

June 2nd, 2015 ~ Day 69


A beautiful morning on the trail. Today’s hike was a 3.75 mile hike from the circumference trail to the ridgeline and back. In the early morning Deems is very quiet and not many people on the trail. It’s a great trail and well maintained.

There were a few hot air balloons in the distance. The sun had already risen by the time I hit the trails. The temperature was 75. Which is almost ten degrees warmer than yesterday, so it’s heating up out there.

As I was hiking down from the ridgeline and something in the bushes made an odd noise. It didn’t sound like a rattler, but I took off running just in case. A man was coming up the opposite direction and I warned him. He shouted back to me that it was a baby rattler. I heard a few noises the rest of my hike and they made me jump. I’d have loved to see the look of terror on my face.

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