Day 66 ~ Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs, CO

May 30th, 2016 ~ Day 66


Today we went to one of my favorite places in the world. Every time I go to Colorado I have to see Garden of the Gods. Amazing rock formations shooting up out of the ground! The reddish orange of the rocks mixed with the greens of the plants and trees, makes it that much more spectacular! And with Pikes Peak, my favorite mountain in the background, it makes it that much more amazing. My daughter was engaged on top of that mountain a year ago and it was my first fourteener.

The kids and I did a little over a mile loop. We got to climb some of the rock formations. It’s so hard hiking with the kids. The pace is slow and I have to keep them entertained. Especially the little one. We didn’t get much time here as we were traveling from Denver home, but one good thing is, we’ll be back soon.

Seeing Pikes Peak in the background reminds me of my hike I did to the top three years ago. What an amazing spiritual journey where I learned of the greatest man I would never meet…

Steve Klump 5/10/66-6/12/13

Planning my first fourteener was exciting. I chose the Barr Trail because it was a busy trail and I was going alone. I wanted to sleep at Barr Camp in one of the cabins, but they were booked, so I had to camp. When I got to the camp I met a group of 18 people who were all climbing together to honor their friend/brother/uncle who had recently passed away.

Each man in the group had at one time climbed this mountain with Steve. This was his favorite mountain. That evening I just listened to their memories. Hearing the stories of Steve made me love this man for all that he was.

The next day I climbed the rest of the mountain with the group and I was no longer alone. It was as if God had given me what I needed. When we reached the A-Frame, I sat silently in the distance as they spread his ashes. As I cried for this man I never met, the spirit washed over me in a moment I will never forget.

Steve’s passing brought his family and friends to this mountain and I believe it’s as if God and Steve worked together to bring me here as well. I found a new sense of myself and learned of the greatest man I’ve never


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