Day 62 ~ Cowles Mountain Trail San Diego, CA

May 26th, 2016 ~ Day 62

Today I was able to complete the Cowles Mountain Trail in the Mission Trails Regional Park. I left the girls to sleep in at the hotel. I chose this trail because I was told it is a popular trail. That it was!

The sky was overcast, and rain was coming down as I was heading to the trail, but I didn’t feel a single drop while hiking. I did feel the humidity in the air though. Roughly a 1400 foot incline, made it feel like Squaw Peak. Piece of cake.

I intended to try and complete the 5 Peak Challenge today, but as I started down Pyles Peak, I realized I was alone. My anxiety overtook me, and I turned around once I saw what I thought could be mountain lion poo. All I could image is being alone and getting attached. Wouldn’t make for a good day.

I’ll be back to do this challenge before the end of my 365 days. Next time I’ll have someone with me so in not hiking alone. Only because I want to get the t-shirt. 😉

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