Day 54 ~ Shaw Butte Phoenix, AZ

May 18th, 2016 ~ Day 54

An overcast day with lots of humidity in the air. It was 71 degrees when I started. I thought it would be cooler so I wore my jacket, but soon I was suffocating from the heat.

It was a great mix of sun and rain off in the distance. The sun never shined on me though, and just as I was finishing my hike it began to sprinkle.

I decided to do the same trail all the way to the towers, but chose to go down the back side as well. Doing this gave me more of an uphill climb to get back to the top and put me at a three mile hike. Just trying to get as much uphill as possible before the Canyon Saturday.


As I was leaving the trail, I saw a cactus with beautiful flowers on it. I had to snap a picture to share.

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