Day 52 ~ Deem Hills Phoenix, AZ

May 16th, 2016 ~ Day 52

I went opposite of what I began last time I did this trail. Due to time, I wasn’t able to do the ridgeline again. It was so quiet and peaceful out there on the trail. I heard some coyotes howling in the distance, thank God in the distance. I didn’t pass another person on the trail until after I had already hiked two miles. It shows how much less traffic there is on this trail compared to Thunderbird.


I saw a couple hot air balloons next to the rising sun. I’m not sure you can actually see in the picture. They look like two tiny dots. One day I’ll be close enough, you won’t miss them.

It was cool out this morning. I didn’t wear my jacket like I usually do and I could feel the cold. Were reaching temperatures in the 100’s, so I’ll keep the cool mornings.

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