Day 37 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

May 1st, 2016 ~ Day 37


A beautiful morning on the mountain hiking with some old friends. It rained yesterday afternoon and it made for a cool 55 degrees. Lots of clouds covering the sun, which only made it better. The only animals I saw on the trail were Mark and George. 😉 I met them along with Celeste for their weekly Sunday morning hike at Thunderbird Mountain.


Starting on the Cholla Loop, the four of us hiked together, catching up on life. The plan was to do two of the three peak. This was their hike and I was grateful to be a part of their group.



Capturing the suns beauty as it peaked through the clouds with the mountain views off in the distance. Take the houses out of this image and it would be perfect!


Only in our second mile, we were almost to the top of the first peak.


We made it to the top of the first peak. They must have found something interesting.


One photo with the guys, before they took off. Celeste and hiked together the rest of the way. We continued hiking the rest of the Cholla Loop, before crossing 59th Avenue, and hiking to the top of Arrowhead Point.


A view of the valley between the three mountains at Thunderbird. Celeste and I were on the Arrowhead Point Trail heading to the top of the mountain.


One last view from the top before we made our way downhill. It was a great morning catching up with old friends. I don’t think I’ve hiked with the guys since Angels Landing a little over a year ago. I love how these guys can make me laugh.


We did two of the three mountains for a total of 5.11-miles with 966-feet of elevation gain according to my tracker, but George insisted it was a six-mile hike. I like his tracker better than mine.

After the hike, we went to breakfast then a meeting. I could get used to Sunday mornings if they were all like this. A great start to my day in this beautiful life!

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