Day 35 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

April 29th, 2016 ~ Day 35


Running a little late this morning, I decided today’s hike would have to be a quick one. This morning’s hike begins on the Coach Whip Trail at Thunderbird Conservation Park, or as I like to call it, Thunderbird Mountain. A beautiful morning with a cloud filled sky. Pockets of sunshine making its way through the clouds to brighten my day.


It looked like it may rain this morning, but this is Arizona and it hardly rains here in the valley. I continued hiking the Coach Whip Trail enjoying a beautiful morning outdoors.


Occasionally the sun would peek through the clouds. I could see the sun shining on a section of the White Tank Mountains. Beautiful!


From the Coach Whip Trail, I made a right to head up the Ridgeline Trail. At the top of the switchbacks, I received an amazing view of the valley to the north. Now it really looked like it might rain.


As I continued hiking up to the peak of the Ridgeline Trail I noticed a break in the clouds. The sun was shining somewhere beyond my view, but the glowing effect it cast through the clouds above me was so remarkable.


As I made my way over to the Sunrise Trail, to the east, there was nothing but bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds. Seeing this, knowing I just came from that side, amazes me. It amazes me how fast the skies can change.


As I came to the end of my hike, I was again faced with a stormy looking sky. What a crazy day of clouds, especially since my hike lasted a total of 32 minutes. In those 32 minutes, I hike 1.68-miles with a total elevation gain of 237-feet. Just another beautiful day in this life!

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