Day 34 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

April 28th, 2016 ~ Day 34


I made it to the trailhead earlier than usual, so I decided to hike the big mountain today, hiking the Cholla Loop Trail. The loop is a little over 3.5-miles and I can usually complete my hike in an hour and ten minutes, so I had plenty of time.

My hike began with a beautiful sunrise. from the moment I arrived, I became in awe of the beauty. I saw a few hawks floating through the air, soaring in the sky.  It was a little chilly and windy this morning as I began my hike. I’m enjoying the cool weather, but I’m also looking forward to the heat so I can sweat a little more.


As I climbed up, what I would consider the backside of the Cholla Loop Trail, I continued to capture the images of the beautiful sunrise.


As I climbed uphill I noticed the valley covered in a layer of smog. Mountains in the distance barely visible.


After I reached the summit I continued hiking the trail another quarter mile, before a hiker passing by, mentioned that there were two coyotes up ahead. He said they were headed the other direction, but I only took a couple more steps before I saw a coyote on the trail. I froze, fear overtook me. I decided I would return the way I came and I ran.

I’m not a fan of wild animals. I’ve been told coyotes won’t hurt me, but when there are more of them than me, I get a little scared. They are wild animals and you never know what they could or would do.


Heading back the way I had come, gave me more opportunities to take pictures of the sunrise. With the clouds in the sky, it helped make the view more amazing.


The sun’s rays began casting their light into the sky. Amazing! I love our Arizona sunrises!


One last photo of the sunrise as I headed back to the trailhead. I was disappointed I didn’t make it the 3.5-mile trek. I allowed fear to overcome me. I am grateful I did make it to the trails to continue this journey.

As I made my way to my car, I ran into my inspiration for this journey. I love when I get to see him, because he reminds me of why I’m doing this challenge. One of these days I’ll have to hike with him.

I hiked a total of 2.46-miles with a 378-foot elevation gain. It wasn’t quit the total mileage I was looking for, but I will take it. Everything in life is a lesson and today I learned, I will need to overcome my fear of coyotes, and one day I will make that happen. Another beautiful day in this life!

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