Day 33 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

April 27th, 2016 ~ Day 33


Back in the desert, I’m happy to be home. Starting my hike from the 67th Avenue and Patrick Lane trailhead, I enjoyed an evening hike with a beautiful sunset. Immediately I noticed the blaring glare of the sun hidden behind the clouds. A bright glow hanging in the east. I knew it would be a beautiful sunset with the clouds hanging in the skies. The clouds were amazing.


Following the Desert Iguana, the Chuckwalla to the Sunrise Trail, I made my way to the peak. After hiking the flat lands of Illinois and Wisconsin, I had to get back to the mountains and some elevation. I continued to take more photos of the sunset as I climber higher up the Sunrise Trail. The beauty keeping me in awe.


Mesmerized by the beauty of the sunset and it colors casting rays across the skies.


The higher I climbed, the more excited I became. I couldn’t get enough of this sunset. I’m so grateful to have chosen an evening hike today. I love our Arizona sunsets.


Almost to the peak, the sun is setting fast. Once I made it to the peak I headed back down the way I had come. Still in awe of the beauty that surrounded me.


With the sun almost hidden behind the mountains to the east, it began to cast its colors vibrantly across the sky. Something of a silver lining, yet this is more of a pink-golden hue.


Finally, the rays cast their final pink hues into the sky. Once I came down the peak of the Sunrise Trail, I headed over to the Ridgeline Trail making this hike a loop.


Once at the base of the mountain on the Ridgeline trail, I captured the last bit of color displayed over the White Tank Mountains. Now that the sunset was over, it would be getting dark fast. I decided to head north on the Coachwhip Trail, taking me back to the trailhead.

I hiked a total of 1.99-miles with a 230-foot elevation gain while enjoying on of our amazing Arizona sunsets. Just another beautiful day in this life!

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