Day 31 ~ Silver Lake Salem, WI

April 25th, 2016 ~ Day 31

Another beautiful morning for a hike. Took my oldest boy again. Trying to hit different trails each day while we’re here. The birds were chirping like spring has sprung and they have all migrated back from the winter. We saw a squirrel and even a of couple deer. When we got to the lake we saw a couple seagulls and possibly a crane.

Walking through the woods reminds me of my childhood. We lived next door to a small forest and across the street was a field and a small hill we would climb. There was this section of pine trees that had a clearing underneath. We named it Smurfs Village. My brother, sister and all the neighborhood kids spent many hours playing under those trees. So many memories brought back to life today. I’ll never forget all the exploring we did as children.

The beauty of nature so amazes me. So grateful to have the opportunity to travel and still spend the time in the outdoors. I never want to stop this. Life is too good!

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