Day 25 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

April 19th, 2016 ~ Day 25


I can’t believe it’s been 25 days since this journey began. So far, it’s been amazing trying accomplishing my goal. I love being out here on the trails every day.

Today’s hike began on the Coachwhip Trail with the beginning of a beautiful sunrise. The cool morning air brushed against my face as I made my way to the Arrowhead Point Trail, where I would begin my uphill climb.


It was beautiful out this morning. A great day for a hike! It’s getting brighter, earlier, every day. The heat will be here soon. I’m soaking up to cool mornings for now.

As I began my climb up the Arrowhead Point Trail, the sun continued its ascent. Casting beautiful golden colors across the horizon.


As I continued to climb uphill, I captured the sun rising over the mountains to the east. A beautiful sunrise. If I could wake up each morning outdoors to see the sunrise, my life would be heaven.


Climbing even higher, I captured even more spectacular views. I was lucky enough to run into my friend James on the trail. He was coming down as I was going up. I love seeing my friends, especially on the trails. To share this passion of hiking, makes me feel connected. Connected to people and nature.


I made to the peak. The American flag standing tall among the pile of rocks. A glorious sight to see, because now everything was downhill from this point.


I made my way down the mountain, knees cracking and all. As I made my way down the mountain I ran into another friend Barb. How amazing is that? Two friends on the trails in one day, what a way to brighten my morning.

Once at the base of the hill, I made a right back onto the Coachwhip Trail, heading towards my trailhead. I ended up with a 2.33-mile hike and a 519-foot elevation gain. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

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