Day 23 ~ Deems Hill Phoenix, AZ

April 17th, 2016 ~ Day 23



Beginning my hike on the Circumference Trail of Deem Hills, I headed east on the trail. After packing up the car at the campground and then unloading it once I got home, I had to go hiking to continue with my challenge. I hadn’t been to Deems since Ian and I had gone in January. It’s been awhile, but I knew it would be a great hike. I needed to do something different than Thunderbird. Deems is only five minutes further away than Thunderbird, about three-miles further north, I don’t know why I don’t get here more often.


At almost a mile, I climbed up to the saddle. After yesterday’s short and miserable hike, I wanted to push myself, so I made a left and headed up the Ridgeline Trail. The Ridgeline would give me about a 350-foot elevation gain.


A view of the valley to the north before I made my way uphill. I love the desert landscape. Arizona is beautiful!


As I began my hike up the Ridgeline Trail, it looked daunting. I know I can do it, I’ve done this trail dozens of times. It was getting warmer out. Hiking in the heat of the afternoon, I am not always my best self.


As I climbed further up the mountain I snapped a photo of the valley below. A dry desert landscape with mountains surrounding the valley below.


After two miles from the trailhead, I was at the peak, enjoying the views of the valley below. As I hiked up this mountain, I thought of my Grandma D. Today is her birthday. Every year since she passed, I have gone on a hike to celebrate and to remember my grandma. Today was no different. Coming out here I could remember some of the good times we had. She was so proud of me and she would still be proud of me for doing this challenge. I could only imagine what she would say if she were here. I bring her with me to the trails often, thinking about her and how just maybe she is with me. I love and miss her so much! She was a huge part of my life and I still can’t believe she is gone.


From the top of the Ridgeline Trail, I made my way downhill to another section of the Circumference Trail. Making it back to the trailhead for a 3.82-mile hike with 597-foot elevation gain. A much better hike than yesterday’s .66-mile hike with the kids. Just another day on the trails accomplishing my goal of hiking every day for 365-days!

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