Day 22 ~ Jojoba Trail Cave Creek, AZ

April 16th, 2016 ~ Day 22


This weekend we are camping at Bartlett Lake. My plan, to take the kids on a hike. As we hiked over to the trailhead, the kids saw a snake cross our path through the wash. That didn’t make for a good start to this hike.


As we began on the trail, I captured the beautiful mountains surrounding the area. Lori and I had taken this trail with the older kids a couple years ago and made it a good four-mile hike. Today we wouldn’t even make it a mile.




A we made our way through the trail, we came upon rodent holes. Many rodent holes, where sometimes a snake may take shelter. After seeing the snake when we began this, and seeing so many holes in the ground, my little guy was in constant fear. Screaming and crying the entire way. It made for a miserable hike.


Eventually I saw a clearing that would take us to the water, so instead of finishing this trail and what may have been the worst hike ever, we headed that direction. Once we were off the trail, there were no more snake holes and the hike became much easier for all of us.


My son never stopped crying until we got off the main trail. I’m hoping it’s the age and he will grow out of the fear. As a single mom completing this challenge of hiking every day for 365 days, some days I may have to take my children. I am trying to make it as enjoyable as possible for them, but it’s obvious to me, today I didn’t succeed. I do hope by showing my kids the outdoors, one day they will come to love it as much as I do.


Heading towards the water, the kids we excited to play. The kids could explore, play in the water and collect sea shells. Exploring in the water and getting their feet wet, there were no more tears. The water level was low, so a lot of items they had once been under water had been uncovered on shore. They made it a treasure hunt.


The water that was here, was a beautiful shade of blue.  With the sunlight gleaming off the water, I was entranced with it’s spectacular beauty. It was a beautiful day at the lake. Since we are in the desert, any time I can be around water, I am in heaven.


Since the water level was low, as we made our way back to camp we saw an underwater graveyard of sorts. The kids found some cool stuff from boats, possibly anchors. It was a lot of fun watching them find these objects. Objects that I have no idea what they are.




Overall, we only ended up hiking .66 miles and it took us almost an hour. I will take what I can get. As a mom, the kids come first. I’m grateful they were able to join me on this hike today. I only wish it could be longer.

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