Day 20 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

April 14th, 2016 ~ Day 20


Starting my hike from the 67th Avenue parking lot, I climbed up the Desert Iguana Trail. This short little climb always takes my breath away.

Making my way onto the Chuckwalla Trail, I saw the beginning of what looked to be a beautiful sunrise. The colors of the sky were coming alive and I hurried to make my way to the saddle so I could see more of the stunning beauty.


Coming to the saddle, I saw a golden glow coming over the mountains. I decided I would head to the peak, one of which I rarely climb, to see if I could get an even better view. I was chasing the sunrise and it was becoming an exciting adventure to see if I could capture its beauty.


As I climbed the Sunrise Trail to the peak, I became even more excited with the alluring beauty I could behold. Seeing the suns golden rays with the mountains surrounding the valley, was a remarkable sight.


Once at the peak of the Sunrise Trail, I became in awe of the beauty the sunrise possessed. A perfect image with the mountain rock, the creosote bush, the mountains in the background and the sun’s rays casting a yellowish-orange hue across the horizon. What a way to start my day! It doesn’t get any better than this.


One more photo of the glorious sunrise before I headed down the Sunrise Trail, from which I came. My chase for beauty was over, and now I had to finish the rest of my hike. I realized today, as boring as this mountain can be at times, it still has a beauty.

As I finished my hike, going down the Ridgeline Trail, over to the Choachwhip Trail, and back to the Sunrise Trail, I ran into my fellow daily hikers. I see the same people every day. Some I’ve met, others are just a friendly face I get to say good morning to. It’s nice to see the same people out here every morning. It gives me a sense of comfort and safety, a neighboring feeling.

I hiked just over three miles with a 437-foot elevation gain, with an amazing sunrise. A beautiful day in this life!

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