Day 18 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

April 12th, 2016 ~ Day 18


Hiking up the Coachwhip Trail, it was another beautiful morning on the mountain. A cool 55 degrees. I am loving this weather. Getting to the trailhead late, my goal was to do the short loop. I figure, if I make it to a trail, I am accomplishing my goal of hiking every day for 365-days.


Making my way around the loop on the Coachwhip, the White Tank Mountains lay sleepily off in the distance. It was a clear crisp morning and I was amazed at the beauty surrounding me. There is nothing like starting your morning outdoors, and to be hiking makes it that much more beautiful.


Heading up the Ridgeline Trail, I captured an image of the clouds as the sun began to rise. The allure of the sunrise captures me every time.


The skies even more magnificent as I climbed higher up the mountain.


As I made my way around the bend on the Sunrise Trail, the trail name gave in to all its meaning, as the sun was rising between the other two peaks at Thunderbird Mountain. A glorious sight to see. I’m so grateful I was late getting here! Even though I was disappointed this had to be a quick hike, watching the sunrise between the peaks made up for any disappointment I may have had.

I hiked a total of 1.57-miles with 232-foot elevation gain. Not a big hike, but enough to have me continue my goal of hiking every day for 365-days!

Join me on my journey of hiking every day for 365 days, to see all that I can see! Never miss out on a post and “like” me on Facebook , check out my videos on YouTube, and for more photos follow me on Flick and Instagram!



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