Day 9 ~ West Wing Mountain Peoria, AZ and Shaw Butte Mountain Phoenix, AZ

April 3rd, 2016 ~ Day 9

West Wing Mountain


I headed over to West Wing Mountain this morning for a 9 am hike with Trail Mix, my first Meetup on this journey. I love my Meetups and the people who join us on our adventures. I have met so many wonderful people along the way! I got to see Robert, our hike leader, who I hadn’t seen since the Phoenix Seven Summits Challenge last November. It was so great to reconnect and catch up on life.


I have never been on this trail, so it was a first for me. I have always hiked the Sunrise Mountain across the street with my friend Lori. We parked at the parking lot for the park and began our hike, walking down the street to get to the trailhead. Once at the trailhead, I was able to enjoy a nice leisurely hike though the backyards of the houses in the neighborhood until you meet the base of the mountain, from there it’s a difficult climb up the side of the mountain.



After climbing up the side of the mountain, we came to a fork in the road, of course we did the more difficult hike. A nice steep climb higher up the mountain as the temperature continued to rise. I was getting hot and my legs were feeling the pain.


We made it to the top of the peak, only to enjoy the beautiful views of the valley below! The view made the difficult hike less difficult as the views made me forget the pain. The view I received was worth the climb. Taking a different route down the other side of the mountain, it was an easy hike from here on out. I was given the opportunity to explore even more of this amazing place and I can’t wait to come back and explore even more!

Our hike was just under three and a half miles. A beautiful day on a beautiful mountain! I love this life!!!

Day 9

Shaw Butte Mountain

I decided after hiking West Wing, I wasn’t done hiking for the day. I wanted to get some more miles under my feet for a challenge I was doing this weekend. So, for my second hike today, I decided I would climb to the top of Shaw Butte Mountain.

Usually I park at the visitor center, but today I went back in time and parked at the lot on Central Avenue, just south of Thunderbird Road. This is where I used to park when I was hiking this trail, oh so long ago. Parking here cuts about 3/4 of a mile off my hike, but I was tired and it was hot, so I though the less I was out here, the better.

I started at the base of the mountain, immediately climbing uphill. I was slowly hiking up the mountain due to the heat. The only reason why I am here is to meet my goal of completing this hike was to get more steps in for the Fit-bit Weekend Warrior Challenge I had joined.


At the top of Shaw Butte, dying!!! It was so hot out! Once at the peak, I headed down on the backside of the mountain. Heading downhill was much easier, but I couldn’t wait for this hike to be over with. With the sun directly above me the entire time, I made my way around Shaw Butte Mountain, hiking almost four miles on this trail and hiking almost seven miles for both trails. My hike was over and if I wasn’t exhausted before, I surely was now.

FYI…I won two of the four challenges I was in on Fit-bit, making both hikes worth it!

Day 9-2

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