Day 5 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

March 30th, 2016 ~ Day 5

Heading over to Thunderbird Mountain today, I decided to hike the route my friend Lori and I used to hike. Four years ago today, Lori and I set out to do a six mile hike on the Go John Trail in the Cave Creek Regional Park, in preparation for our Havasupai Falls hike we would be doing in September of that same year. Four years ago today truly began my love of hiking. It wasn’t until that hike, that I realized I could push my self harder than I already had been.

The Go John Trail was our first training hike for the trip. Sure I had been hiking before every once in awhile, but we were going to Havasupai Falls and needed to trail harder. We hiked the Go John Trail at two o’clock in the afternoon on a hot spring day. Before this hike, I had never hiked six miles, maybe three at most. Realizing I could hike in the heat and for a longer distance, set my passion of fire, and I began my love of hiking. Having not stopped since this day, four years ago.

day 5

The loop I hiked today starts out on the Desert Iguana Trail to the Chuckwalla Trail, from there it lead me to the Sunrise Trail, then to the Coachwhip Trail and back on the Chuckwalla Trail. I wish there weren’t so many names for these trails, because this park has so many names, I continue to call it Thunderbird Mountain.

Day 5 sun 2

The best part of this hike, I received a beautiful view of the sunset. I love our Arizona sunsets, the skies are so amazing! Today marks three years since I began my love, or possibly obsession, of hiking. Today is only day 5 of this journey I am embarking on. It’s going to be a beautiful year of fulfilling my passion for hiking!

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