Day 10 ~ Thunderbird Mountain x 2 Glendale, AZ and Lake Pleasant Peoria, AZ

April 4th, 2016 ~ Day 10

Thunderbird Mountain


I hiked the same mountain twice today. The first hike of the day was in the early morning hike, where I got to see a beautiful sunrise and I ran into my friend Charles, who was my inspiration to challenge myself to 365 days of hiking. Today Charles happens to be on day 220 of his own personal hiking goal.

I originally met Charles on the trail on his day 200. I don’t know where his fitness motivation came from, but Charles has lost over 100 pounds by hiking every day and with that, he has inspired me. While I was hiking the Move Across Two Ranges just ten days ago, I thought of him on my hike and I thought, if he can do it so can I. So here I am on day 10 the beginning of my 365-day journey.

I parked at the lot on 59th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road, to hike the Arrowhead Loop. A 2.3-mile hike with 520 foot elevation gain. It was a beautiful morning for a hike.

Day 10-1

Lake Pleasant


Today was also the day I went with my son to Lake Pleasant for his class field trip. We did a short quarter mile nature hike in the desert. Stunning views of Lake Pleasant greeted us along our path.

Thunderbird Mountain


My second hike of the day was an early evening hike with my friend James. Doing the exact same trail I had done this morning, except we went the opposite way. I was trying to mix it up a little.

We enjoyed a nice relaxing hike, as we were talking and catching up on life. It’s nice when I get the opportunity to hike with friends and not have my hikes be all about fitness. I’m constantly trying to beat my time and go as fast as possible. I need to remember to enjoy my time in the outdoors, and when I’m hiking with friends I find even more enjoyable.

Day 10-2

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