Day 1 ~ Move Across Two Ranges Tucson, AZ

March 26th, 2016 ~ Day 1


Today is day one of my 365-day hiking challenge! While hiking over 20 exhausting miles today, I decided I would hike every day for an entire year. This is my second-year hiking in the event, Move Across Two Ranges, which is held in Tucson, AZ. An amazing event where you have the option of hiking five, ten, fifteen or twenty-two miles. I of course chose the twenty-two miles! I swore I wouldn’t do the Massive Move again, but I did it. Driving down from Phoenix early in the morning to begin my hike.



Hiking along the Wild Burrow Trail. I thought of this idea of hiking every day for a year. Having met a friend on the trails just ten days ago, (the last hike I did before this challenge), who happened to be on day 200 of hiking every day. He inspired me. Having had very little training hikes leading up to the event, I was dying hiking this hike. I wanted to change my habits and so it was decided. No matter how exhausted I am, I would hike every day for 365 days!


I continued through the event. Making it to the Romero Pools in the Catalina Mountain Range, where I soaked my weary feet in the cold water. Completely my second hike of this event.


Amazing views of the Catalina Mountain Ranges as I hiked the Romero Pools Trail. From the Romero Pools I was headed to the third trail. The trail I dreaded most. Already hot and exhausted, I was not looking forward to the boring two miles in the dry hot desert. A two miles in and two miles out trail, I not only get to see once, but twice!


Don’t let the smile fool you, exhaustion lays just underneath!


A beautiful creek flowing along the trail as I headed towards my final trail on this exhausting day.


At the end of the third trail in the Catalina mountain range…completely exhausted and I still had 3 miles to go. I couldn’t wait for this hike to be over.

Finally, after nine hours I finished this hike. I was done. I am now absolutely positive that I will never do the twenty-two mile Massive Move again. I love the challenge and to be a part of such a great event, but next year I’m only doing 15 miles.

Today, however, begins my journey of hiking every day for 365 days. Tomorrow is another day to be on the mountain! Let the journey begin!!!

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