Day 14 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

April 8th, 2016 ~ Day 14


It had rained sometime in the middle of the night and the wonderful smell of creosote permeated the air the moment I opened my car door. The skies were still covered in clouds, but rain was nowhere in sight.

I decided to park at a different spot than usual today. After entering the park, I made a right turn instead of my usual left, and chose the first spot I found in that first lot. Since I was arriving a little later than intended, I wanted to get a little more mileage, even if I didn’t have the time. By starting my hike here, it would give me a quarter mile extra. Not much more mileage, but I want to get as many miles as possible on this adventure.


It was a beautiful morning for a hike. The sun was beginning to rise, casting its bright colors over the mountains. The air was cool, and the smell of the Arizona rain filled my senses. I love the smell of rain in Arizona!


My hike began on the Coachwhip Trail, and from where I parked, it happened to be in the middle of the trail. After hiking through the picnic area, I made my way up the small hill until the trail leveled out, then the trail goes downhill again.


Coming to a T in the trail, I chose to go up the switchbacks on the Ridgeline Trail. This is the most difficult part of this hike, but as you climb higher you receive beautiful views of the surrounding valley and more of the glorious sunrise.


Making my way up the Ridgeline, I tried to capture more shots of the sunrise. From the Ridgeline Trail, I went on to the Sunrise Trail making my way around the mountain and skipping the summit. In all the times I’ve hiked this mountain, I generally skip the summit. I’m not a fan of this summit, as it’s an in and out hike. I could probably say I’ve made it to the top ten times in the 200 times I’ve hiked here.


Coming around the bend I captured the beautiful sunrise once again as it was coming up over the mountains, casting a golden angelic hue into the morning skies. With all the clouds in the sky, the sunrise was spectacular!

It was a beautiful morning for a hike. I made it a total of 1.88 miles with a 230-foot elevation gain in 35 minutes. Since I made this a quick hike, I don’t feel the pressure of being late for work and getting kids to school. Just another beautiful day in this life!!!


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