Day 12 ~ Thunderbird Mountain Glendale, AZ

April 6th, 2016 ~ Day 12



Today is my baby boys 7th birthday! I made it to the trails early to get home before he woke up, so I could wish my little guy a “Happy Birthday”!

Parking at the lot off 67th Avenue and Patrick Lane, I started out hiking up the Desert Iguana Trail. The trail from this side of the park is short because soon after I started, I was on the Sunrise Trail.

Coming up the hill on the Sunrise Trail I caught sight of the beginning another beautiful Arizona sunrise. Although you can see the colors in the sky, there is just something about coming up on this hill, when the mountain is no longer in your way and you see the full effect of its beauty. It truly is amazing!


It was windy out this morning. You can see the dust in this photo. Arizona, with its little rain is very dusty and today the dust did not do anything to help my breathing. I think I’m coming down with a cold but, I am still out here accomplishing my goal, no matter how sick I may be.

When I came to the fork in the trail, I went right continuing the Sunrise Trail. Coming upon the next fork in the trail, I decided I wouldn’t have time to make it back to my son before he woke up, so I took the next right onto the Ridgeline Trail. From there it was on to the Coachwhip Trail and back to the Sunrise Trail until I was on the same trail as I began, heading back to the trailhead. Hiking my 2.5 mile lasso loop. One of my usual hikes, which after having done this so many times, I completed in only 45 minutes.

It was a beautiful morning on the trail. I am so grateful for this life I get to live. I am accomplishing my goal one day at a time. 365 days seems so far off, but I know I can do this because of my love of hiking.

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